lean back and watch her get dressed

put herself together, last night was a mess.

man so my mom’s pretty sick (dementia wise), or least she’s getting worse. and my dad only told me, and i had to tell my sister how bad it was and my other sister prolly does know but it’s not her mom and so what am i supposed to do to help when i live nine hours away?

who loses so many people who were supposed to mean so much in two months?

my mom, my blood brother, and my man.

how are they all just gone? ron was a different story but my mom and siobhan? 

they will never get better.

man people keep telling me i’m obviously a party kid, so like what does that even mean?

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July 31.


Happy Birthday!
“The Day of the Human Portrait”

Strengths: Observant, expressive, visual.
Weaknesses: Anxious, disturbed, isolated.
Meditation: All words are lies.
Advice: Don’t let pessimism occupy a central position in your life and work. Your realism should not be a prescription…

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those factors you fuckin racked up

and you’re constantly reminding me

who i should be

but i baby i see clearly

the fear on your face and you chase

an insecurity that you deem necessary

i’m sorry that’s the excuse

that your neurons fire the way they do

it sucks, but it’s true

lovely, that’s you.

it’s valid but it’s sad that

that the reason you fled 

wasn’t me 

but my lifestyle’s threads.

but it’s been six times and still i’m not dead

reread the premises and what they said

really happiness is inductively bred

experience presently then forget the rest

but the past resents the that forgiveness

and you sit in circles and remind yourself

that this should never happen again

it eats you 

and steals 

at your mentality’s expense.

see the walls are not at all cement

and give up that shit you call ethics.

everyone i know is just flat insane in various ways.

yeah but not like i used to.

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yeah but not like i used to.

i just had this crazy meditation on artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence and i came to the conclusion that intelligence is just intelligence.

today i’m proud of myself because i msged both ron and jackson and explained myself and just moved forward and put everything off my chest and just moving forward.

this is the beginning of the beginning of this.

i honestly think you can just be friends with the opposite gender.

maybe not always, maybe not for everyone, maybe not good friend, maybe not right away. many paths up the mountain.

however, depending on the situation, i think it is completely possible to uphold a mutual friendship between a male and a female without any issues other than regular friendship bullshit.