lean back and watch her get dressed

put herself together, last night was a mess.

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conversations at work

(in the midst of me talking to my boss about taking over for the night)

me: well i don’t have any drivers because rich is missing, so i will be taking the deliveries and i’m going to make lynn to stay here since there’s only one table and she was ohkay with it when i asked.

bosspat: … you don’t have any drivers? you are making lynn stay?

me: well i am a tyrant and this is my kingdom. 

bosspat: i love it, do whatever you want.

(later, on the phone with my other boss)

bosslinda: well this is a demerit for rich

me: no, i’m worried. he just gets a warning, i like him and i want him to stay since he’s a good person and doesn’t leave me alone here at night if i’m stuck counting money and cleaning even when i tell him i’m good. him and pineda get slack.

bosslinda: ohkay, you’re right he’s done it for me too. by the way, can you help me with [my boyfriend’s] anniversary gift?

me: yuh, shopping soon? 

(later later on the boss with pat again)

me: where’s my tips, i want to go drinking at oktoberfest tonight and that’s my entrance.

pat: haven’t done them yet.

me: i’m sending pineda to get them.

pat: i’ll do them now.


i am a tyrant and it’s actually just over my bosses, whom i love and think of as good brothers who’ve done some really kind things for me. but seriously?

tonight i went to pb by myself by accident because i was supposed to meet friends but went to the wrong place. five different men told me i was the most beautiful girl, one said i was just the most gorgeous girl he had seen, and was just shaking his head and staring at the ground. three men told me i had this energy.

a group of german tourists bought me drinks all night, and then i met the most polite man i have ever run into, who just made sure i got down stairs alright and told me yes ma’am everytime i told him exactly what i felt like doing.

vivienne ears always make me feel composed

the black book extension project: summer 2014.

so far we have billy, sean, and morgan after deleting jay.

habits are habits and problems are problems, and most habits are problems.


Lana Del Rey and Marina and The Diamonds Blog

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Lana Del Rey and Marina and The Diamonds Blog

man so my mom’s pretty sick (dementia wise), or least she’s getting worse. and my dad only told me, and i had to tell my sister how bad it was and my other sister prolly does know but it’s not her mom and so what am i supposed to do to help when i live nine hours away?

who loses so many people who were supposed to mean so much in two months?

my mom, my blood brother, and my man.

how are they all just gone? ron was a different story but my mom and siobhan? 

they will never get better.

man people keep telling me i’m obviously a party kid, so like what does that even mean?

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July 31.


Happy Birthday!
“The Day of the Human Portrait”

Strengths: Observant, expressive, visual.
Weaknesses: Anxious, disturbed, isolated.
Meditation: All words are lies.
Advice: Don’t let pessimism occupy a central position in your life and work. Your realism should not be a prescription…

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